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Transmission (Hyosung Sense SD-50 Scooter)

Transmission (Hyosung Sense SD-50 Scooter)
# Product Code: Product Name Req'd Price:
1 27601HB1100 V-Belt, Drive $48.51
2 21110H11A02 Face Comp, Fixed Drive
3 21120-25E10 Facecomp, Movable Drive $63.53
4 21431H11A00 Plate, Movable Drive $8.09
5 21481-29C21 Damper, Movable Drive Faceplate
6 21652H11201 Roller Comp, Movable Drive
7 21112-37B01 Cover, Movable Drive Face
8 21127-25E00 Ring, Movable Drive
9 02142-04108 Screw, Movable Drive Face (M4X10)
10 09180-16041 Spacer, Movable Drive
11 08332-11079 E-Rlng, Kick Starter Driven Spacer
12 26280-29C00 Gear Comp, Kick Starter Driven (Nt:9) $28.88
13 26282H11A00 Nut, Kick Starter Driven (M12)
14 09440H14007 Spring, Kick Starter Driven
15 26283H11200 Spacer, Kick Starter Driven
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